George Gilmore Music

George Gilmore - The Dust Collection


1. HUNG UP IN MY WORLD, 3:36 (Gilmore/Cioe)
2. I'VE GROWN USED TO LOSIN', 3:49 (Gilmore/Cioe)
3. NOT ME NEVER, 4:19 (Gilmore)
4. THE DRIVE, 6:04 (Gilmore/Cioe)
5. REPTILE FARM, 5:00 (Gilmore/Pakulski)
6. TEXAS NIGHTMARE, 4:44 (Gilmore)

Guitars — George Gilmore, Jeff Pevar, Dave Tronzo, and Brian Koonin
Pedal Steel Guitar — Dave Hamburger
Drums — Denny McDermott
Acoustic Bass — Greg Cohen, Paul Ossola and Marc Helias
KeyBoards — Charlie Giordano, Brian Mitchell Backing
Vocals — Catherine Russell, Sherryl Marshall, Lisa Lowell, Marek Pakulski Produced by Crispin Cioe
Engineered by Eddie Sperry At Ballistic Pinwheel Studios
In memory of Eddie Sperry


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