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1. Burnzy’s Last Call: Gilmore wrote the screenplay for this feature film starring Chris Noth, David Johansen and Sherry Stringfield, and collaborated with David Johansen and Crispin Cioe in composing the soundtrack. (Available on Netflix)

2. Five Wives, Three Secretaries and Me: Along with Crispin Cioe, Gilmore composed and produced the music for this award-winning documentary.

3. Diminished Capacity: George’s popular tune “Not Me Never” can be found in this feature film starring Matthew Broderick and Alan Alda.

4. Italian Movie: Gilmore’s song “1313 Depressing Street” is featured in this very early James Gandolfini film.

5. Natural Selection: Gilmore’s tune “Texas Nightmare” is featured in this very creepy film starring David Carradine.

6. The Good Guys: The Gilmore/Cioe song “Hung Up in My World” appeared in this Fox series starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks.



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